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An asset-based loan is secured by collateral owned by the borrower, such as real estate, accounts receivable, equipment, or other property. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender has the right to obtain the asset.

Can You Get a Business Loan Without Collateral?

Yes, there are many options available for business owners to get a business loan without collateral. 

Types of financing you may be able to get without having to provide collateral include:

  • Term loans

  • Lines of credit

  • Merchant Cash Advance

  • Equipment Financing 

How To Get an Asset Based Loan?

Business owners can get an asset based loan by researching lenders that offer the product. Generally, an asset based loan is offered to small businesses that have assets available that can be used as collateral in order to receive financing. The asset may not be offered as collateral to another lender for any additional financing.


What Do You Need To Qualify?

3+ Months in Business

You can qualify for our top financing options with as little as 3+months in business.

$5,000+ Monthly Gross Sales

The minimum revenue to qualify for financing options are $5,000+ per month, or $60,000 in annual gross sales.

No Minimum FICO

We have financing options for all credit profiles. There is no minimum FICO score required to apply.

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